Belmont Community Centre

*Welcome to Belmont Community Centre!*

The Community Centre was opened in 1971 and is located in a very pleasant setting with fields and sports facilities surrounding it. Belmont Parish Council’s Office is housed within the centre and our three meeting rooms, kitchen, sports hall and outside play area are well used by community groups. 

The centre aims to provide affordable space for community groups in which they can meet, host sporting activities and organise celebratory events.

 Our users include babies and toddlers, belly dancers, wine tasters, creative writers, badminton players, martial arts students, craftswomen, dog show lovers who host regular successful dog shows and many more!

We have hosted jazz musicians, christening parties, blood transfusion, Viking re-enactments in addition to brass bands and we would like to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.

We also have a successful youth project group called the cheesy waffle youth project ran by Erika Denholm who help people with learning difficulties and helps the local community.

If you would like to create your own group or join a existing group, please contact us!

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“Committee members and community development                          “Our new washroom installed

manager celebrate the award of Hallmark 3″                                      through grant funding from

                                                                                                            the neighbourhood budgets of

                                                                                                           Durham County Councillors”