Belmont Community Association

Belmont Community Association

Hire Charges

Our hourly hire charges for Belmont Community Centre are as follows:

 Regular bookingsCasual bookingsCommercial bookings
Badminton Court£14.00£17.00£25.00

To book a room, go to our bookings page.

1. Cleaning fee of £50 for dog shows and £30 for other groups where appropriate. This does not relieve groups of the responsibility to clean up after their function.
2. Registration fee of £25 per calendar year for each group, due on 1 January, in order to qualify for Regular User rates.
3. Full day room hire charge £70 for Regular Users, £90 for Casual and £200 for Commercal.
4. Daily hire of full Centre £200 for Casual and £250 for Commercial.
5. Kitchen and adjoining room £21 for Regular Users.